We offer complete heating, ventilation and air conditioning services for all residential and commercial applications.

Services we offer:


  • Checking and changing regular size filters (specialized filters at an additional cost)
  • Checking condition of indoor blower section
  • Checking all belts and drives and making necessary adjustments
  • Checking all motor and fan bearings and lubricating as needed
  • Checking amperage of blower motor and condenser motor and making necessary adjustments
  • Checking thermostat
  • Changing thermostat batteries as needed
  • Checking contractors and relays for proper operation (changing at prevailing rate)
  • Checking duct work in mechanical area for any defects
  • Checking condition of copper connections for leaks
  • Checking and closing humidifier for summer, where applicable
  • Checking all equipment electrically and mechanically
  • Tightening electrical connections if they appear loose
  • Checking and calibrating automatic controls and thermostats
  • Checking refrigerant operating pressures, trim charge at prevailing rate
  • Checking air-cooled condenser coil (cleaning during Spring start-up if needed)
  • Checking, cleaning and flushing condensate drain lines and pans
  • Checking condensate pumps and float assemblies
  • Cleaning evaporator fan motor
  • Cleaning evaporator fan blade/blower wheel
  • Checking evaporator coil for dirt or damage (cleaning if necessary at prevailing rate during Spring start-up)
  • Checking refrigerant lines for any visual damage
  • Checking Armoflex and if needed repair at prevailing rate
  • Making sure there are caps on all service ports and that they are tight
  • Checking capacitor for corrosion or leakage (changing at prevailing rate)
  • Providing a list of work performed during the preventive maintenance check




New Construction Rebate Form

Available to all Dixie Power members

Electric Heat Pump with Electric Backup or Dual Fuel, 2-ton minimum

13 SEER – $300 per ton

14 SEER – $350 per ton

15 SEER and above – $400 per ton

Ground Source Heat Pump (with electric backup) $400 per ton

Electric Water Heater, 50 gallon minimum

Will pay equipment invoice up to $500

Click here for a New Construction Rebate Form.